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Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia

I. Overseas Group Company

  1. PT. Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia

    Established: 2014

    • Multi-finance business
      (lease of real estate, industrial machinery, information equipment, etc.)
    • Operational Lease
    • Factoring Business
    • ADDRESS : ANZ Tower, 18th Floor, Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav 33A, Jakarta, 10220.
  2. PT. Arthaasia Finance


    • Financing for used commercial vehicles and insurance
  3. Hitachi Capital Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


    • Finance for rebuilt vehicles and insurance agent
    • ADDRESS:No.998, 1st Floor, Jalan Tok kangar, Auto-Link, 14100 Julu, Simpang Ampat, S.P.T., Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  4. Hitachi Capital (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    Established: 2008

    • Leasing and related services for information communication equipment, industrial equipment, and others
    • ADDRESS:17th Floor, CRC Tower, All Seasons Place 87/2Wireless Road Lumpini, Phatumwan Bangkok 10330 Thailand
    • 【Chonburi Branch】
      ADDRESS:1st Floor, Victory Center, 742/5 Gor-5 Khor, Phothong Road, Tambol Bangplasroi,Amphur Muang Chonburi, Chonburi, 20000 Thailand
  5. Hitachi Capital Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

    Established: 1994

    • Leasing and credit services for information communication equipment, industrial equipment, and others
    • Credit services for PCs, furniture, residential equipment, home appliances
  6. Hitachi Capital Factoring (China) Co., Ltd.

    Established: 2013

    • Factoring business
    • ADDRESS:Room 041, 19th Floor, Hang Seng Bank Tower, 1000 Luijiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, P.R.China
  7. Hitachi Capital Leasing (China) Co., Ltd.

    Established: 2005

    • Leasing and related services
  8. Hitachi Capital (Hong Kong) Ltd.

    Established: 1975

    • Leasing and credit services for information communication equipment, industrial equipment, and others
    • Credit services for automobiles,PCs, furniture, residential equipment, home appliances, and others
  9. Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC

    Established: 1982

    • Leasing and credit services for industrial equipment
    • Loan purchase and factoring
    • Credit service for furniture, PCs, and residential equipment
    • Sales of income compensating insurance and product guarantee insurance (for consumers and enterprises)
  10. Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Ltd.

    Incorporated: 1991

    • Leasing service for automobile
    • Fleet management
  11. Corpo Flota Sp. z o.o.

    Incorporated: 2014

    • Car fleet management business
      (Comprehensive automobile related services, including auto leasing, maintenance, and car management)
  12. Hitachi Capital America Corp.

    Established: 1989

    • Leasing services for information communication equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and others
    • Leasing of automobiles and others
  13. Hitachi Capital Canada Corp.


    • Commercial truck finance and Inventory finance for dealers
    • ADDRESS:3390 South Service Road, Suite 104, Burlington, ON, L7N3J5 CANADA
  14. CLE Canadian Leasing Enterprises Ltd.

    Incorporated: 2014

    • Finance business primarily for automobiles, healthcare related equipment, construction machinery, information equipment and industrial machinery

II Domestic Group Companies (In Japan)

  1. Okinawa Hitachi Capital Corporation

    Established: 1968

    • Leasing and loan of information communication equipment and industrial equipment
    • Credit and loan services for home appliances, housing, and other services
  2. Hitachi Capital Servicer Corporation

    Established: 1983

    • Collection management of monetary claims based on the servicer law
    • Agency for clerical work, such as applications for payment
  3. Hitachi Capital Services Co., Ltd.

    Established: 1989

    • Leased asset management agency
    • Old property receipt and recycling business
    • Prepaid television service
    • Sale and recommend of industrial machinery and business equipment and others
  4. Hitachi Capital Auto Lease Corporation

    Established: 1989

    • easing of cars and vehicle management services
    • Automobile leasing
    • Sales of property and casualty insurances
  5. Hitachi Triple Win Corp.

    Established: 2000

    • Consignment of personal allowance business
    • Consignment of general affairs business
    • Consignment of accounting or financial operations, and others
    • National pension premium collection service from Japan Pension Service
  6. Sekisui Leasing Co., Ltd.

    Established: 2002

    • Leasing of information equipment, industrial equipment, housing exhibition areas, and automobiles
    • Automobile leasing
    • Loans for living, education, automobile, and other expenses
  7. Hitachi Capital Insurance Corporation

    Established: 2004

    • ale and undertaking of fire insurance for housing loans
    • Sale and undertaking of long-term work disability income compensation insurance
    • Sale and undertaking of long-term disability income compensation insurance
  8. Hitachi Capital Community Corporation

    Established: 2004

    • Planning, development, and operational management of large-scale commercial facilities and residential facility
  9. Hitachi Capital Trust Corporation

    Established: 2005

    • Trust services for monetary claims, movable estates, real estate, and securities
    • Sales of trust benefit rights
  10. Financial Bridge Corporation

    Incorporated: 2009

    • Provision of outsourcing services for collective factoring service
  11. Daiichi Personal Credit Guarantee Corporation

    Incorporated: 2000

    • Support service for collecting housing loan claim, preservative attachment service
  12. Hitachi Capital NBL Corporation

    Incorporated: 2013

    • General leasing
  13. Hitachi Green Energy Corporation

    Incorporated: 2013

    • Power generation by natural energy and others
  14. Hitachi Wind Power Ltd.

    Established: 2014

    • Power generation by wind power