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Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia

Grand Opening PT. Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia

Picture : HCFI Team with students and lecturers from the Trisakti University

Financial Literacy Education Program Implementation Regulation of Financial Services Authority (POJK) No. 1 / POJK.07 / 2013 on Consumer Protection Financial Services Sector Article 14 paragraph 1 states that "Financial Services Business communities are obliged to implement education in order to improve the financial literacy to consumers and / or community ". Further POJK provisions stipulated in Circular Letter No. 1 / SEOJK.07 / 2014 on Implementation of Education to Improve Financial Literacy To Consumers And / Or Society.

Literacy can be defined as the ability to understand. Financial literacy is intended as a campaign to provide a better understanding of financial to the public society. The purpose of financial literacy education program implementation is to expand access to information and access to ownership and understanding of the products and services offered by financial services institutions.

Financial Literacy's mission is to educate the financial community to be able to intelligently manage their finances and improve access to information and use of financial services products through the development of financial literacy pendukukng. The Target of Financial Literacy Education are divided into several groups such as student, college, house wife, informal worker, formal worker and pensionary.

In connection with the Circular of the Financial Services Authority No. 1 / SEOJK.07 / 2014 on the Implementation of Education to Improve Financial Literacy To Consumers And / Or Society, then we hereby conveyed that PT Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia, in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Trisakti , has been carrying out these obligations by organizing educational events,as follows:

  • Theme : Building the Future Together With Financing
  • Date : March 29, 2016
  • Location : Law Faculty Jl Kyai Tapa Trisakti University, Jakarta.
  • Participants: 50 people
  • Speaker : Mr Sigit Adi Buwono (Director of PT Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia)