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Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia

As early as 1920, Hitachi Rail has been providing railroad systems and solutions to suit all kinds of urban planning needs – Total Railway System Integration.

Through accumulated extensive experiences in Japanese railway systems, Hitachi Rail aims to supply a wide range of high quality and reliable products as a Railway System Integrator. Using Hitachi's technologies, Hitachi Rail makes it possible to provide a comfortable moving space characterized by low noise and low vibration that is perfectly adapted to the environment through which the tracks pass. Besides that, with failsafe and energy-saving tilting system installed in existing infrastructure, passengers in Hitachi Tilting Trains will not feel any centrifugal acceleration and hence, the trains can run at higher speed at curves.

Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia as one of company of Hitachi Group can provide the solutions finance if your business company want to procuring the infrastructure of Rail Transportation System especially for Hitachi Rail Transportation System.